Junior Bake Off - Series 10

Junior Bake Off - Series 10

Terms and Conditions (minor version)

Love Productions Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales, with registered number 5221898. Its registered office is Grant Way, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 5QD.

These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to applications to take part in our television programmes Junior Bake Off (“Programme(s)”), by filling in a postal application form (“Application Form”) or by applying online through our ‘take part’ / ‘apply for’ website (“Application Website”).

In these Terms and Conditions “we/us/our/Love” refers to Love Productions Limited and our associates and, where appropriate, to any contractor hired by Love in connection with the Application Website and its content. “You/ your” refers to applicants to the Programme (and where relevant your parent(s) and/or guardian(s)) and users of the Application Website. As part of your Application Form or your application on the Application Website, your parent/guardian has confirmed, on your behalf, their agreement to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions should be read together with the Privacy Policy for Minor Applicants and Contributors (“Privacy Policy”), and the Rules of Entry for the Programme (“Rules of Entry”) and, if you are applying to take part in a Programme through the Application Website, the Cast it Reach Cookies Policy and the Cast it Reach Accessibility Statement, all of which form part of these Terms and Conditions.
We may change these Terms and Conditions (or any part of them) at any time without telling you. Any changes will be published on the Application Website and will be accepted by you unless you contact us to delete your application.


1.1 We are not responsible for any website or platform you access and which links to or from the Application Website.
1.2 It is our decision who takes part in our Programmes and we do not promise or guarantee that you will be selected to take part in any of our Programmes.
1.3 Due to the large number of people who apply to take part in our Programmes, you understand that we cannot respond or contact every applicant.
1.4 Whilst we have taken care to ensure that the information on the Application Form and the Application Website is accurate, complete and free from error, we do not give any guarantee that it is. We do not accept any responsibility for any failure in the Application Website or by any other organisation (e.g. the Post Office) which may result in any application or log in not being properly received or set up.


The Application Website may contain links to other Internet websites over which we have no control. A link on the Application Website does not mean we like or approve of the linked website. Any link within the Application Website, which takes you to another website, is clicked on at your own risk. We do not like or approve of any advertisements on any linked website.


3.1 You (and your parent(s)/guardian(s)) agree when applying to the Programme, to provide true and accurate information on the Application Form, including when you set up your log in for the Application Website.
3.2 To set up your log in for the Application Website, you will be asked to enter your first name, last name, an email address and password, and your parent/guardian will be asked to give their full name, last name and to give a tick box answer to certain questions relating to your application. You do not have to finish filling in your application in one go, you can save it and add to it or finish it later by logging in with your email and password.
3.3 If for any reason you are not selected to take part in our Programme and unless we have some other legitimate reason for retaining your Personal Information we will delete your application within 60 (sixty) days of first transmission of the final episode of the series of the Programme. If you are selected to take part in one of our Programmes, we will retain your Personal Information (and where relevant that of your parent(s)/guardian(s)) for as long as is necessary in order to produce, distribute and advertise the Programme and to carry out our obligations to any broadcaster or distributor.
3.4 You must only set up one login to the Application Website and you can only apply once (per series) to any Programme. If we believe that you have more than one login or that you have sent us more than one application (per series) of any Programme, we may decide not to consider you to take part in the Programme.
3.5 If you have made a mistake and the personal details (e.g. address, telephone number) are incorrect in the application you have sent to us, or if your personal details change after you have sent us your application, you or your parent/guardian should please email us with any corrections at supportatjuniorbakeoff@loveproductions.co.uk. 
3.6 You and/or your parent/guardian can at any time ask for your application to be deleted by sending us an email (if you applied online, please send the email from the email account of your log in), titled ‘Delete my Application’ to supportatjuniorbakeoff@loveproductions.co.uk, or by writing to us at Junior Bake Off Online Applications, 15 Macklin St, London WC2B 5NG, giving your full name as it appears on your application. If your application is deleted before the deadline date for applications (“Deadline”), you will not be considered to take part in the Programme, but you can send us another application before the Deadline if you change your mind (and you will have to set up a new login to use the Application Website).
3.7 When you set up your login to the Application Website, you must provide your real name and any other details requested.
3.8 You agree not to (i) let anyone else go into, change or delete your application without your permission, and to let us know if you find out that anyone has gone into your application without your permission; (ii) go into, change or delete anyone else’s application without their permission.


4.1 The Application Form and Application Website and their contents belong to us (except for your Material as set out in clause 5 below) and you may not copy or use them other than to apply to take part in our Programmes. 
4.2 We make no promises that the Application Website and/or its content will work all the time or will work on your computer, tablet or phone. We may stop people using our Application Website at any time if we believe they are using them incorrectly or too much.
4.3 You are not permitted (i) to copy or download content from the Application Form or Application Website; or (ii) to use software that attempts to do so. You also agree that you will not attempt to interfere with our security technology and/or do anything that may damage or impair the Application Website e.g. through malicious code, bugs or viruses.


5.1 Any material you include on your Application Form or send to us through the Application Website, e.g. anything you write, your recipes and photographs (“Material”) is yours, but we may freely use the Material as set out in clause 5.2 below.
5.2 By sending us your Material, you agree that we may at any time freely copy, adapt and display the Material however we wish, in order to help us to select contributors to the Programme and for the other purposes set out in our Privacy Policy.
5.3 You agree that the Material you provide is correct and truthful and is all your own work, and has not been copied from someone else’s work.
5.4 You understand that we are not obliged to use your Material in any way.
5.5 If you have made an application by post, you agree that we may enter details from it onto our computer systems and websites including the Application Website.


Please see our separate Privacy Policy for Minor Applicants and Contributors for details about how your personal information is kept and used by us.


Please see the Cast it Reach Cookies Policy for details of cookies in use on our Application Website.


Please see the Cast it Reach Accessibility Statement for details on how this form has been made accessible.


We routinely monitor traffic on the Application Website and incorrect use or too much use may be blocked and reported.
We may monitor and record any contact we receive from you. This may be done to improve the services which we provide or to ensure we keep to our practices and procedures.


These terms and Conditions are governed by and understood in accordance with the laws of England and are subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.


If, at any time, you and/or your parent(s)/guardian(s) have any questions or complaints about the Application Website, please email us at supportatjuniorbakeoff@loveproductions.co.uk. We will aim to answer any question or complaint or resolve any problem as quickly as we can.


These Terms and Conditions have been drafted to make them easier for children to understand. 
Last updated December 2023
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