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How To Be: Behzinga’ (working title) (the “Programme”) is a YouTube Originals documentary about Ethan Payne AKA Behzinga. Cameras will follow him as he goes about his daily life, talks about everything that has made him the YouTube star he is and meets the friends and family who know him best  Also, as part of this documentary we will find out about his incredible fitness and wellbeing journey that has led him to train for  the iconic  London Marathon for the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

As part of this YouTube Originals documentary we are looking for fellow YouTubers, Behzinga fans and/or the wider general public who are motivated by his announcement to run the London Marathon and would like to take part in the Programme by sharing their story or offering their support  to Ethan as he embarks on his London Marathon challenge.
Please complete the application form in as much detail as possible making sure to include a recent picture and video link of you.. Once you’ve completed your application it will be looked over by a member of the production team who may get in touch to discuss the next steps in the application process. 


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You will also be asked to upload a recent photograph and/or short video clip of, so that we can clearly see your face and which you feel best represents you.


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